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Why Activate Facebook Parent-Child Pages?

Facebook has rolled out a functionality called "Parent-Child" for brand pages. It allows you to easily claim, administer, and manage individual location pages in connection with your brand page. Here are just a few of the satisfied clients we've served:

Room 214 Parent Child Customers

Our Facebook presence has vastly improved since we worked with Room 214 to setup our parent-child features. Our last check-in deal was successful at each and every one of our locations.

– Restaurant Manager

Why Room 214?

Room 214 is one of a few qualified social media and digital marketing agencies successfully assisting brands and other agencies to activate this powerful service.

From international fashion companies to regional franchises, Room 214 has helped activate more than 800 locations (and growing).

It took a great deal of work to get pricing and details from other agencies. We found your response and pricing to be superior -- and we'll continue working with you to service all our clients eager to utilize Facebook's location services

– Marketing Agency Director

What Do You Get?

With Facebook's recent roll-out of Graph Search and "Nearby" technology, your opportunity to turn up the volume on local search and location-based marketing is now highly relevant with Parent-Child activation.

  • Locations Tab (as seen on Starbucks)
  • Manage Check-in Deals
  • Assign Admins to Local Pages
  • Retain Brand Control
  • Consistent Look Across Location Pages
  • Local Page Management Per Location
  • Map of Your Locations On Facebook
  • Easily Run Promotions and Deals

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